Chapter 1 Class 7 Geography - Our Environment

What are the reasons for the environmental pollution?



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Environmental pollution is the harmful change in the environment due to human activities . Environmental pollution is caused by technological and scientific development , overpopulation , urbanization and industrialization .

  •   Overpopulation led to the environmental pollution by increasing the demand for land, food, energy, and other resources, which resulted in habitat loss, deforestation, biodiversity loss, waste generation, and resource depletion.

  • Urbanization and industrialization: urbanization and industrialization cause environmental problems, such as loss of natural habitats, deforestation, land degradation, noise pollution, traffic congestion, etc.

  • Unplanned and unwise use of technology: This refers to the lack of proper planning and management of the technology and science that we use. For example, using fossil fuels for energy without considering their impact on climate change, using pesticides for agriculture without considering their impact on biodiversity, using plastics for packaging without considering their impact on waste management, etc.
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