Major Historical Developments

  • The medieval period in India saw some important changes in the society, culture, politics and economy of the country.

  • Some of the major developments were:
    • The coming of the Muslims led to the growth of a mixed culture . There was interaction between North and South India, and between the Hindus and the Muslims. The cultural exchanges led to the growth of a culture that was above regional and caste differences. It was an Indian culture .

    • The Muslim dynasties, particularly the Mughals , provided many centuries of political stability to the country. This led to an increase in trade and the rapid growth of towns and cities .

    • Trade led to greater interaction between the people from different parts of the world. India borrowed many things from the cultures of other countries.

    • During the medieval period, Islam spread in India. The Bhakti and Sufi movements spread the message of devotion to God and kindness towards all human beings.
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