The many names of India

  • India is the name of our country, but it was known by different names in different times.
  • Some of the earliest names of India were:
    • Bharatvarsha
    • Jambudwipa
  • India was also called the land of the people who lived along the river Sindhu .
    • The word Sindhu became Hindu in Persian and Inde in French.
    • The word Inde became India in English.
  • The word Hindustan had different meanings in different times.
    • In the thirteenth century Minhaj - i - Siraj used the term ‘Hindustan. He meant the areas of Punjab, Haryana and the lands between the Ganga and Yamuna. 
    • Some medieval scholars used it to mean the lands under the Delhi Sultanate.
  • The Mughal emperor Babur used it to describe the geography and natural vegetation of the subcontinent.
  • In the nineteenth century, during the British Raj, Hindustan became synonymous with India.
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