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Chapter 6 Class 6 History - Early Kingdoms

The Vajji Confederacy

  • The Vajjis were a confederacy of many clans of whom the Lichchhavis were the most powerful.  
  • Their capital was Vaishali (Bihar).
  • The Lichchhavis were a republic. They were not ruled by a king. Decisions were taken by the people themselves.
  • The Lichchhavis republic remained independent for a long time. Finally, Ajatashatru conquered this mahajanapada. 

Ajatasattu and the Vajjis

Ajatasattu wanted to attack the Vajjis . He sent his minister named Vassakara to the Buddha to get his advice on the matter. The Buddha asked whether the Vajjis met frequently, in full assemblies. When he heard that they did, he replied that the Vajjis would continue to prosper as long as:

  • They held full and frequent public assemblies.
  •  They met and acted together. 
  • They followed established rules. 
  • They respected, supported and listened to elders.
  • Chaityas (local shrines) were maintained in both towns and villages. 
  • Wise saints who followed different beliefs were respected and allowed to enter and leave the country freely. 

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