Chapter 6 Class 6 History - Early Kingdoms

How did the small tribes of earlier period give way to large kingdoms?



Answer to be written in the exam:

The small tribes of the earlier period gave way to large kingdoms due to various factors such as changes in agriculture, iron technology, and administration. 

  • Changes in agriculture : The use of iron tools such as ploughs, axes and sickles enabled the cultivation of more land and the production of more crops . This led to the expansion of settlements and the emergence of towns and cities. It also increased the population and the demand for food and resources. 

  • Iron technology: The discovery and use of iron enabled the making of stronger and sharper weapons such as swords, spears, and arrows. The iron tool helped people to clear the forests , which later led to the development of bigger settlements.

  • Changes in administration - Some tribes also started to manage their lands and people better. They divided their lands into smaller parts and appointed people to look after them. They also collected money from their people to pay for their armies and work. 

These changes made some groups of people bigger and stronger than others. These groups became large kingdoms that ruled over many lands and people

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