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  • Early rock paintings are ancient artworks that were created by early humans on rocks and cave walls using natural pigments like ochre, charcoal, and mud.

  •  These paintings are some of the oldest known forms of human artistic expression , and they provide important clues about how early humans lived and communicated.


Bhimbetka Cave Paintings - Teachoo.png

  • Bhimbetka in Madhya Pradesh is famous for prehistoric Rock paintings.

  • There are over 750 Rock Shelters here, nearly 500 of which have paintings.

  • The paintings depict scenes from everyday life - of men hunting ( either alone or in groups), riding, dancing, performing religious rituals ; of women grinding and preparing food of children running, jumping, playing and so on.

  • A large number of animals have also been painted, most of them in great detail.

  • The colours used in the paintings are red, green white and ochre.

  • The paintings were perhaps made by grinding various rocks and minerals till they became powder. They were then mixed with water and some sticky substance such as resin from trees.
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