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  • The Stone Age was a prehistoric period of human history where humans used stone tools for various activities like hunting, gathering, and making shelters.

  •  It is divided into three parts: the Paleolithic Age, the Mesolithic Age, and the Neolithic Age.

Paleolithic or old stone age:

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  • This period lasted from early times till about 10000 BCE, that is, till about 12000 years ago. 

  • It is further divided into early (lower), middle, and late Paleolithic.

  •  Humans used crude stone tools during this period.

Mesolithic or Middle Stone Age:

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  • This period lasted from about 10000 BCE till about 8000 BCE.

  • Stones of this period are called microliths.

  • Microliths were smaller, sharper, and more efficient that the tools of the Palaeolithic period.

  • Apart from the stone, animal bones and horns were used to make tools. 

Neolithic or New Stone Age:

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  • This period lasted from about 8000  BCE till about 4000 BCE.

  • The new stone age tools were further improved on the earlier variety of tools.

  • These tools were much sharper than the ones used in the Mesolithic period.

  • They were also polished to sparkle.

  • Different tools like axes, sickles, spears, and arrowhead s have been found in Neolithic sites and other parts of the world.
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