Chapter 2 Class 6 History - Early Humans I

Write a short note on ‘The Deccan’.



  • Many prehistoric sites have been excavated in the Deccan.

  • Some of these are in bori ,Morgaon, chirki- nevasa, Isampur, Gunore , Saswad , Nasre, Yedurwadi and Attirampakkam.

  • All the sides are characterized by the discovery of stone tools - hand axes, choppers, cleavers and scrapers among other tools.

  • The hunsgi and baichbal valley in the Deccan also have many stone age sides.

  • If both the large and the small ones are taken into account, the number would across 200.

  • Many finished and unfinished stone tools have been found here.

  • It appears that early humans live here over a very long period of time. 
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