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  • Equality is the state of being equal in status, rights, and opportunities for all people regardless of their differences such as gender, caste, religion, race, etc.

  • Striving for equality is the effort to achieve equality by challenging and overcoming the various forms of discrimination and oppression that exist in the society.

  • Striving for equality is important because:
    • It promotes human dignity and respect for all people as equal citizens.
    • It ensures social justice and democracy by protecting the rights and interests of marginalized and vulnerable groups.
    • It fosters social harmony and peace by reducing conflicts and violence based on hatred and prejudice.
    • It enhances human development and welfare by providing equal access to education, health, employment, etc. for all people.

  • Striving for equality can be done by:
    • Educating people about the causes and consequences of discrimination and oppression and the values and principles of equality.
    • Empowering people to assert their rights and voice their grievances against discrimination and oppression.
    • Mobilizing people to organize and participate in movements and campaigns for equality and social change.
    • Creating a culture of diversity and inclusion that celebrates and respects the differences among people.

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