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  • Caste is a system of social hierarchy that divides people into different groups based on their birth, occupation, and status.

  • Caste-based discrimination is the unequal and unfair treatment of people based on their caste identity. It can take various forms such as:
    • Denial of equal opportunities and rights in education, employment, health, justice, etc.
    • Segregation and exclusion from public places, services, and resources.
    • Violence and atrocities such as murder, rape, assault, etc.
    • Humiliation and insults based on caste names and stereotypes.
    • Untouchability and forced labor practices such as manual scavenging, skinning of dead animals, etc.

  • Caste-based discrimination violates the dignity and human rights of millions of people in India and other countries. It also hampers the social and economic development of the society by creating divisions and conflicts among people.

  • Caste-based discrimination is prohibited by the Constitution of India and various laws such as the Protection of Civil Rights Act, 1955 and the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989. However, these laws are often not implemented effectively due to a lack of awareness, political will, and social pressure.

  • Caste-based discrimination can be challenged and eliminated by:
    • Educating people about the evils of caste system and promoting values of equality, fraternity, and human rights.
    • Empowering the victims of caste-based discrimination by providing them access to education, employment, health, justice, etc.
    • Mobilizing people to resist and protest against caste-based discrimination and demand accountability from the authorities.
    • Creating a culture of respect and solidarity among people of different castes and backgrounds.
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