• A stereotype is a fixed general image of a person or thing.

  • For example: When it is said that people of a particular race are criminals, it is not right because criminals can exist in all races.

  • They can also limit individuals' opportunities and potential by creating false assumptions about their abilities and qualities.

  • Stereotypes can be challenged by promoting awareness, education, and exposure to diverse perspectives and experiences.

  •  It is essential to recognize and appreciate the unique qualities and characteristics of individuals and avoid making assumptions based on stereotypes .

  • By recognizing and challenging stereotypes, we can create a more accepting and inclusive society where everyone is valued and respected for who they are.
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Davneet Singh has done his B.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. He has been teaching from the past 14 years. He provides courses for Maths, Science, Social Science, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science at Teachoo.