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  • Advertising is a way of communicating a message to a large audience about a product or service that is for sale .

  • Advertising can affect wants by creating a desire for a product or service that people may not have considered before or by making them believe that they need it to solve a problem or improve their situation.

  • Advertising can use different kinds of media , such as radio, TV, internet, newspapers, magazines, signs, mailings, telephone book, product licensing, brochures, coupons, flyers, clothing logos, etc.

  • Each media has its own advantages and disadvantages in reaching the target audience and conveying the message.

  • Advertising can also use different kinds of techniques , such as slogans, jingles, logos, images, testimonials, endorsements, humor, etc. These techniques can make the advertisement more memorable , attractive , and convincing .

  • Some examples of advertising that influence wants are:
    • A TV commercial for a new video game that shows how fun and exciting it is to play with your friends. The commercial may make you want to buy the game even if you already have many games at home.

    • An ad for a new clothing brand might show a group of popular teenagers wearing the brand. This can make the viewer feel like they need to wear the brand in order to be popular.

    • A billboard for a fast-food restaurant that shows a delicious burger and fries. The billboard may make you want to eat at the restaurant even if you are not hungry or have other food options.

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