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Describe any five salient features of the Constitution of India.


Explain the terms Sovereign, Socialist, Secular,  Democratic and Republic of the Constitution of  India.

Points to remember

  1. Sovereign —People have the supreme right to make decisions .
  2. Socialist Wealth to be shared equally .
  3. Secular — All religions should be treated equally .
  4. Democratic People have political equality .
  5. Republic Head of the state is a common man elected by the people .

 Answer to be written

  1. Sovereign : People have the supreme right to make decisions on internal as well as external matters . No external power can dictate the Government of India .
  2. Socialist : Wealth is generated socially and should be shared equally by society . The government should regulate the ownership of land and industry to reduce socioeconomic inequalities .
  3. Secular : Citizens have complete freedom to follow any religion . But there is no official religion . The government treats all religious beliefs and practices with equal respect .
  4. Democratic : A form of government where people enjoy equal political rights , elect their rulers and hold them accountable . The government is run according to some basic rules .
  5. Republic : The head of the state is an elected person and not a hereditary position .


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