Read the source given below and answer the  following questions: 

Like South Africa, India’s Constitution was also  drawn up under very difficult circumstances. The  making of the Constitution for a huge and diverse  country like India was not an easy affair. At that  time the people of India were emerging from the  status of subjects to that of citizens. The country  was born through a partition on the basis of religious differences. This was a traumatic experience  for the people of India and Pakistan. At least ten  lakh people were killed on both sides of the border  in partition related violence. There was another  problem. The British had left it to the rulers of the  princely states to decide whether they wanted to  merge with India or with Pakistan or remain independent. The merger of these princely states was  a difficult and uncertain task. When the constitution was being written, the future of the country  did not look as secure as it does today. The makers  of the constitution had anxieties about the present  and the future of the country.

Question 1.1

Which country’s constitution was drawn under very difficult circumstances, besides India?


Besides India, South Africa’s constitution was drawn under very difficult circumstances.

Question 1.2

The partition was between which two countries? 


The partition was between India and Pakistan.

Question 1.3

Why did the makers of the constitution have anxieties when the constitution was being written?


The makers of the constitution have anxieties when the constitution was being written because they were worried about the present and future of the country ,


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