Here are different opinions about what made India a democracy. How much importance would you give to each of these factors?

A. Democracy in India is a gift of the British rulers. We received training to work with representative legislative institutions under the British rule.


  • Democracy in India was not a gift from British rulers . Our freedom fighters struggled for freedom from the British and sacrificed their lives . We indeed received training to work with representative legislative institutions under British rule, which proved to be very useful for the country in setting up its institutions and working in them
  • As a result, this factor is important, but not entirely because democracy is not a gift.

B. Freedom Struggle challenged the colonial exploitation and denial of different freedoms to Indians. Free India could not be anything but democratic.


  • By allowing changes in laws by consensus and not imposing anything on anyone, Freedom Struggle challenged colonial exploitation and spread the idea of nationalism and democracy
  • As a result, this factor plays an important role because of its values of nationalism and democracy .

C. We were lucky to have leaders who had democratic convictions. The denial of democracy in several other newly independent countries shows the important role of these leaders.


  • Our freedom struggle was fought with non-violence and bloodless struggle with tools like ‘Satyagrah’ . These struggles were started with the intention of freeing India for the people
  • As a result, this factor is very important, as our leaders were mature enough to listen to the needs of the people .


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