Python allows us to join tuples using the concatenation operator depicted by symbol + .


Tuple concatenation - Example - Teachoo.png


Repetition operation is depicted by the symbol *. It is used to repeat elements of a tuple. 

The repetition operator requires the first operand to be a tuple and the second operand to be an integer only.


Tuple Repetition - Example - Teachoo.png


In operator

The in operator checks if the element is present in the tuple and returns True , else it returns False.  


Tuple - In operator - Example - Teachoo.png

Not in operator

The not in operator returns True if the element is not present in the tuple, else it returns False.


Tuple - Not in operator - Example - Teachoo.png


Tuple slicing creates a new tuple from an old one.

The slice operator allows you to specify where to begin slicing, where to stop slicing, and what step to take. 


tuple[Start : Stop : Stride]


Tuple Slicing - Examples - Teachoo.png

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