Read the source given below and answer the  questions that follow: 

  In Pakistan, General Pervez Musharraf led a  military coup in October 1999. He overthrew a  democratically elected government and declared  himself the ‘Chief Executive’ of the country. Later  he changed his designation to President and in  2002 held a referendum in the country that granted  him a five-year extension. Pakistani media, human  rights organisations and democracy activists said  that the referendum was based on malpractices  and fraud. In August 2002, he issued a ‘Legal  Framework Order’ that amended the Constitution  of Pakistan. According to this Order, the President  can dismiss the national and provincial assemblies.  The work of the civilian cabinet is supervised by  a National Security Council which is dominated  by military officers. After passing this law,  elections were held to the national and provincial  assemblies. So, Pakistan has had elections, elected  representatives have some powers. But the final  power rested with military officers and General  Musharraf himself.  


Question (i)

Who led a military coup in October 1999  and overthrew a democratically elected  government?  

(a) Nawaz Shariff  

(b) General Pervez Musharraf  

(c) Imran Khan  

(d) Benazir Bhutto 

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