Read the text given below and answer the  following questions:

Farming is the main production activity in  Palampur. 75 per cent of the people who are  working are dependent on farming for their  livelihood. All land is cultivated in Palampur. No  land is left idle. During the rainy season (kharif)  farmers grow jowar and bajra. These plants are  used as cattle feed. It is followed by cultivation  of potato between October and December. In the  winter season (rabi), fields are sown with wheat.  The main reason why farmers are able to grow  three different crops in a year in Palampur is due  to the well-developed system of irrigation.  To grow more than one crop on a piece of land  during the year is known as multiple cropping.  One way of increasing production from the same  land is by multiple cropping. The other way is to  use modern farming methods for higher yield.  Yield is measured as crop produced on a given  piece of land during a single season. Till the mid-  1960s, the seeds used in cultivation were traditional  ones with relatively low yields. Traditional seeds  needed less irrigation. Farmers used cow-dung  and other natural manure as fertilizers. All these  were readily available with the farmers who did  not have to buy them.  The Green Revolution in the late 1960s introduced  the Indian farmer to cultivation of wheat and rice  using high yielding varieties (HYVs) of seeds.  Farmers of Punjab, Haryana and Western Uttar  Pradesh were the first to try out the modern  farming method in India. In Palampur, the yield  of wheat grown from the traditional varieties was  1,300 kg per hectare. With HYV seeds, the yield  went up to 3,200 kg per hectare. There was a large  increase in the production of wheat. Farmers now  had greater amounts of surplus wheat to sell in the  markets. 

Question (i)

During the rainy season (kharif) farmers  grow:  

(a) Jowar  

(b) Bajra  

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