Louis XVI becomes king of France and faces an empty treasury and growing discontent within the society of the Old Regime.


Convocation of Estates General last time it was called in 1614 , Third Estate forms National Assembly , the Bastille is stormed, and peasants revolted in the countryside.


A constitution is framed to limit the powers of the king and to guarantee basic rights to all human beings.


National Assembly voted to declare war against Prussia and Austria . France becomes a republic , the king is beheaded . The overthrow of the Jacobin republic , a Directory rules France.


Period of Reign of terror


Robespierre was convicted by the court , arrested and guillotine . A conviction was held that legislated to free all slaves in French overseas possessions.


Napoleon becomes emperor of France and annexes large parts of Europe .


Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo .


Slavery was finally abolished in French Colonies .


Women in France won the right to vote .

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