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Misc 4 - Find domain and range of f(x) = root (x - 1) - Chapter 2

Misc 4 - Chapter 2 Class 11 Relations and Functions - Part 2

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Misc 4 Find the domain and the range of the real function f defined by. f(x) = √((𝑥−1)) It is given that the function is a real function. Hence, both its domain and range should be real numbers x can be a number greater 1 Here, f(x) is always positive, Minimum value of f(x) is 0, Maximum can be any value Hence, value of domain (x) should be atleast 1 and will go on till infinity Hence, Domain = [1,∞) Similarly, value of range (f(x)) will be atleast 0 and will go on till infinity Hence, Range = [0, ∞)

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