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Chapter 2 Class 11 Relations and Functions

NCERT Solutions of all questions of Chapter 2 Relations and Functions of Class 11 is available for free. Detailed explanation of each question, examples is provided.


The topics of this chapter includes

  • Cartesian Product of Sets - How to find Cartesian Product, What is an ordered pair, Finding Cartesian Product of 3 sets, Finding sets if Cartesian Product is equal, Finding number of elements in a Cartesian Product, Doing Intersection (∩) and Union (∪) with Cartesian Products
  • Relations - What is a relation, What is Domain, range, codomain of a relation
  • Representing relations using arrow diagram, set-builder form, roster form.
  • Finding number of relations
  • Function - What is a function, checking if a relation is a function, 
  • Graphs of some functions - like Identity function, Constant function, Polynomial Function, Modulus Function, Signum Function, Greatest Integer Function
  • Finding Domain and Range of function using graphs, and the general method.
  • We also study algebra of functions where we learn Addition, Multiplication, Subtraction, Division of functions.


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