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Which of the following is not a cause of water scarcity?

(A) Growing population

(B) Growing of water intensive crop

(C) Expansion of irrigation facilities

(D) Water harvesting technique


So, the correct answer is (d) - Water Harvesting Technique


  • (A) Growing population:   Water scarcity is  an outcome of a large and growing population. A large population requires more water not only for domestic use but also to produce more food.
  • (B) Growing of water intensive crop: Increased production of water intensive crops results in the overexpoiltation of the water and thus cause water scarcity. 
  • (C)Expansion of irrigation facilities: To facilitate higher food-grain production, water resources are being over-exploited to expand irrigated areas for dry-season agriculture.
  • (D)Water harvesting technique: is used to store rainwater So, this results in storing or saving of water rather than making it scarce. The water harvesting technique  is  a viable alternative, both socio-economically and environmentally.


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