Check sibling questions

Arrange the following in the correct sequence:

(i) The Summit was convened for addressing urgent problems of environmental protection and Socio-Economic development at the global level.

(ii) The Rio Convention endorsed the global Forest Principles and adopted Agenda 21 for achieving Sustainable Development in the 21st century.

(iii) The assembled leaders signed the Declaration on Global Climatic Change and Biological Diversity.

(iv) In June 1992, more than 100 heads of states met in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, for the first International Earth Summit.



  • (a) (iv) - (i) - (iii) - (ii)
  • (b) (iii) - (ii) - (i) - (iv)
  • (c) (iv) - (iii) - (ii) - (i)
  • (d) (i) - (iii) - (iv) - (ii)


Option (a) is correct,


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