Read the extract and answer the following questions.


“Sophie met Danny Casey,” Geoff said. Sophie wriggled where she was sitting at the table. Her father turned his head on his thick neck to look at her. His expression was one of disdain. “It’s true,” Geoff said. “I once knew a man who had known Tom Finney,” his father said reverently to the television. “But that was a long time ago.” “You told us,” Geoff said. “Casey might be that good some day.” “Better than that even. He’s the best.” “If he keeps his head on his shoulders. If they look after him properly. A lot of distractions for a youngster in the game these days.” “He’ll be all right. He’s with the best team in the country.”

(Going Places)

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Question (i)

Who is the 'his father' that Geoff is talking to in this extract?

  1. Sophie's father
  2. Danny Casey's father
  3. Tom Finney's father
  4. Geoff's father


Answer as written by the student:

(a) Sophie's father

Step-by-step explanation:

  • To answer this question, we need to use our background knowledge or do some research to find out who are the characters in the story and what are their relationships.
  • According to some sources (such as, the story Going Places is about a teenage girl named Sophie and her dreams and fantasies. The other characters in the story include her mother, her father, her brother Geoff, and her friend Jansie.
  • Therefore, based on these sources, we can infer that the 'his father' that Geoff is talking to in this extract is Sophie's father, who was watching television and talking about Tom Finney, a former English football player.😊

Question (ii)

What does the word 'disdain' mean in this context?

  1. Respect or admiration
  2. Contempt or scorn
  3. Curiosity or interest
  4. Fear or anxiety


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