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English Class 11
Hornbill - Chapters (Literature)

Read the extract and answer the following questions.


he screamed. “The decks are smashed; we’re full of water.” “Take the wheel”, I shouted as I scrambled for the hatch. Larry and Herb were pumping like madmen. Broken timbers hung at crazy angles, the whole starboard side bulged inwards; clothes, crockery, charts, tins and toys sloshed about in deep water. I half-swam, half-crawled into the children’s cabin. “Are you all right?” I asked. “Yes,” they answered from an upper bunk. “But my head hurts a bit,” said Sue, pointing to a big bump above her eyes. I had no time to worry about bumped heads.

(We’re not afraid to die together..

If we can all be together)

We're not afraid to die together- If we can all be together - Extract Based Question (2) - Teachoo.png


Question (i)

What was the first indication of impending disaster for the narrator?

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