Read the extract and answer the following questions.


“This train goes to the Victoria Terminus*. I will take the Frontier Mail tonight out of Central.” “How far does it go? By what route?” “Bombay to Delhi, then to Lahore and then Peshawar. A long journey. I will reach Peshawar the day after tomorrow.” Thereafter, Khan Sahib spoke a lot about his business and Gangadharpant was a willing listener. For, in that way, he was able to get some flavour of life in this India that was so different. The train now passed through the suburban rail traffic. The blue carriages carried the letters, GBMR, on the side.

(The Adventure)

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Question (i)

What is the name of the station where Gangadharpant boarded the train?


Answer as written by the student:

Gangadharpant boarded the train at Victoria Terminus.

Step-by-step explanation of the answer: 🚂

  •   To answer this question, we need to read the extract carefully and look for clues that tell us where Gangadharpant got on the train.
  •   The first sentence of the extract says, "This train goes to the Victoria Terminus". This implies that Gangadharpant is already on the train and is talking to Khan Sahib, who is his co-passenger.
  •   The second sentence of the extract says , "I will take the Frontier Mail tonight out of Central". This tells us that Gangadharpant is planning to change trains at Central station, which is in Bombay.
  •   Therefore, we can infer that Gangadharpant boarded the train at Victoria Terminus, which is also in Bombay and is the terminus of the GBMR line.

Question (ii)

 What does GBMR stand for in the context of the extract?


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