English Class 9
Beehive - Poems (Literature)

Read the given extract and answer the questions


Now in memory comes my mother,

As she used in years agone,

To regard the darling dreamers

Ere she left them till the dawn:

O! I see her leaning o'er me,

As I list to this refrain

Which is played upon the shingles

By the patter of the rain.

(Rain on the roof)

Rain on the roof- Extract Based Question- Teachoo (2).png

Question (i)

 Multiple Choice Question: What does "agone" mean in this context?

  • a) Gone away or departed.
  • b) A long time ago or past.
  • c) In pain or agony.
  • d) Alone or solitary.


Answer written by student:

b) A long time ago or past.

Step-by-Step explanation of answer: 

  • To answer this question, we need to look at the meaning of "agone" in relation to "years ".
  •   Agone is an archaic word that means a long time ago or past.
  •  The poet uses agone to show how distant his memories of his mother are, and how much he misses her.😢

Question (ii)

 What is the rhyme scheme of this extract?


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