Read the given extract and answer the questions


Wind, come softly.

Don’t break the shutters of the windows.

Don’t scatter the papers.

Don’t throw down the books on the shelf.

There, look what you did — you threw them all down.

You tore the pages of the books.

You brought rain again.

You’re very clever at poking fun at weaklings.

(Wind )

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Question (i)

What does the poet ask the wind to do in the first line? 

  •   a) To come softly
  •   b) To break shutters
  •   c) To scatter papers
  •   d) To bring rain


 Answer written by student:

  a) To come softly

Step-by-Step explanation: 📝

  •   The poet is talking to the wind as if it is a person .🗣️
  •    He wants the wind to be gentle and not cause any harm .🙏
  •    He uses the word 'softly' to show his request .👉
  •    The other options are wrong because they are the opposite of what he asks.❌
  •    Therefore, the correct answer is a) To come softly.

Question (ii)

What does the poet mean by "look what you did" in the fourth line? 


Answer written by student:

 The poet means that the wind has thrown down all the books on the shelf and torn their pages.

Step-by-Step explanation: 📝

  •   The poet is angry and disappointed with the wind.😠
  •    He points out the damage that the wind has done.👉
  •    He uses the phrase "look what you did " to show his displeasure.😒
  •    He mentions that the wind has thrown down all the books on the shelf and torn their pages.📚
  •    This shows that the poet values books and does not like them to be ruined. 📖

Question (iii)

How does the poet describe the wind's nature in the sixth line?  Answer:

Answer written by student: 

The poet describes the wind's nature as clever and mocking.

 Step-by-Step explanation: 📝

  •   The poet admires and fears the wind's power. 😮
  •   He says that the wind is very clever at poking fun at weaklings. 👉
  •   This means that the wind enjoys destroying things and people that are not strong enough to resist it.😈
  •   He uses the words 'clever' and 'poking fun' to show that the wind is smart and playful, but also cruel and mean.😏
  •    He implies that the w ind is not a friend but an enemy of weak things and people.😔

Question (iv)

 Fill in the blank with a suitable word from the extract:

The wind _______ rain again.


 Answer written by student: 


Step-by-Step explanation: 📝

  •    The poet is describing another effect of the wind.👉
  •    He says that the wind has brought rain again.
  •   This means that the wind has caused rain to fall again .💧
  •  The word 'brought' fits in the blank because it shows that the wind has carried or delivered something.👍
  •    No other word from the extract can complete this sentence correctly.❌
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