Describe any five factors that led to the end of the Bretton Woods System and the beginning of globalisation.



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Points to Remember 

The  factors that led to the end of  the Bretton Woods System and the beginning of  globalisation.

  1. USA's economic power was declining .
  2. The international financial system was modified.
  3. Unemployment rises in industrialized nations.
  4. Migration of production Companies .
  5. Chinese Revolution attracted foreign companies to invest.

Answer to be written in the exam

Reasons behind the end of  Bretton Wood Institutes were:

1. Decline in the economic power of the USA

    • It was no longer the dominant currency in the world, the US dollar lost its credibility.
    • The US dollar's value in relation to gold could not be maintained .
    • Fixed Exchange rates were collapsed and the implementation of a floating exchange rate system.


2. Modification in the international financial system:

  • To help industrialized nations with their financial needs, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund were established .
  • Because of changes in the global financial system, developing nations were compelled to borrow money from Western Commercial Bank .
  • As a result, there were recurrent debt crises in developing nations, which intensified poverty in Latin America and Africa.


3. Unemployment in Industrialized countries:

  • The industrial world was affected by unemployment.
  • As the unemployment rate increased, people traveled far distances in search of employment.


4. Migration of production Companies :

  • Because of the cheap labor and low pay in Asian nations, MNCs moved their production units there.


5. Chinese Revolution 

  • China became a desirable location for investment by foreign MNCs.
  • Since its revolution in 1949, China has been cut off from the post-war global economy. however , it has recently reintegrated.
  • Chinese products have flooded the global market due to low-cost structure of the Chinese economy and its cheap wages.


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