Chemistry Class 12
Solutions to CBSE Sample Paper - Chemistry Class 12

Henna is investigating the melting point of different salt solutions. She makes a salt solution using 10 mL of water with a known mass of NaCl salt. She puts the salt solution into a freezer and leaves it to freeze. She takes the frozen salt solution out of the freezer and measures the temperature when the frozen salt solution melts. She repeats each experiment.

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Question (a)

One temperature in the second set of results does not fit the pattern. Which temperature is that? Justify your answer.



The melting point of ice is the freezing point of water. We can use the depression in freezing point property in this case.

  1. 3rd reading for 0.5 g there has to be an increase in depression of freezing point and therefore decrease in freezing point so also decrease in melting point when amount of salt is increased but the trend is not followed on this case.
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