English Class 7

You are Rupak of K. D. Public School, Agra. Write an application to your Principal for allowing you to attend  the school in civil dress for a few days as the uniform of your size is not available.






The Principal,

KD Public School,



10 August, 2022


Subject : Request to be in civil dress


Respected Sir,

1️⃣I have taken admission in class 7th starting this year in your school.2️⃣I have arranged all of the necessary items that are needed but I couldn’t find the school uniform of the right fit and size. 3️⃣Despite trying at 3 different shops I was not able to find it and have thus placed an order for the same but the order will take 3 days to be ready.  4️⃣Therefore, I would like to request you to grant me the permission to be in civil dress for 3 days.

5️⃣I will be highly obliged and grateful


Thanking you


Yours Obediently,

Rupak Sharma

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