English Class 7

Write a notice as Varun Kapoor, Head Boy of J.D. Pulic School, Agra. The school is going to host an InterSchool English Debate competition. Write a notice calling for a meeting of members of the concerned council  to discuss the arrangements to be made for the competition.









Inter School English Debate Competition 


8 August, 2022


1️⃣All the students are hereby informed that the Annual Inter School English Debate Competition is back with its 7th edition 2️⃣on 16th August, 2022. 3️⃣All the interested students are requested to get registered for the same latest by 12th August, 2022 by submitting their names to their respective class teachers .4️⃣A meeting to discuss the arrangements is also called up with the student council tomorrow i.e. 9th August, 2022 at 9.30 a.m in the conference hall .


Varun Kapoor

(Head Boy)

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