Following are some of the characteristics of animals:

(i) Diets heavy on fruits

(ii) White fur

(iii) Need to migrate

(iv) Loud voice

(v) Sticky pads on feet

(vi) Layer of fat under skin

(vii) Wide and large paws

(viii) Bright colours

(vii) Wide and large paws

(x) Long and large beak

For each characteristic, indicate whether it is an adaptation for tropical rainforests or polar regions. Do you think that some of these characteristics can be adapted for both regions?  



  • Tropical rainforests have a huge population of animals residing in them which has to compete for food and shelter .
  • A big chunk of the population hence finds it easier to live off of trees in the forest which are present in abundance .
  • They also have to protect themselves from predators and so develop characteristics that help them hide or escape in the green cover of the forest.
  • Hence, animals are more likely to show the following characteristics :

(i)   Diets heavy on fruits

(iv) Loud voice -Tropical rainforests

(v) Sticky pads on feet - Tropical rainforests

(viii) Bright colours - Tropical rainforests

(ix) Strong tails - Tropical rainforests

(x) Long and large beak - Tropical rainforests

  • Polar regions on the other hand are covered with snow and suffer from extremely cold climatic conditions
  • Animals need to keep themselves warm , need to be able to move from one place to another in ice and snow, as well as need to be able to hunt for food in the harsh conditions.
  • Some animals (like birds ) also need to migrate to warmer regions during winters to survive.
  • So, animals in polar regions are likely to have the following characteristics:

(ii) White fur - Polar regions

(iii) Need to migrate - Polar regions

(vi) Layer of fat under skin - Polar regions

(vii) Wide and large paws - Polar regions

  • No, the above qualities are unique to the given regions
  • This is because animals developed these characteristics in response to the climatic conditions they were living in.
  • They would be of no use in another climate.
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