• Oxygen is the gas which we breathe in and it is required by all the organisms for their survival.
  • It is the component of air which supports burning.
  • All the living things( animals and plants) use the oxygen of air for respiration.

Uses of Oxygen:

  1. Oxygen is essential for breathing or respiration.
  2. Oxygen is also used in some medicines to respiratory disease.
  3. Oxygen is necessary for burning.
  4. It is also used for smelting metal from ore, to filter water, for making plastic.

Activity to show presence of oxygen in the air:

If we take 2 burning candles and place a glass tumbler over one of them , we’ll observe that the candle which we covered with the tumbler extinguishes after some time. 

This is because, by placing the glass tumbler , we are cutting off the air (oxygen) supply and as soon as the oxygen which is present inside the inverted tumbler gets consumed , the candle extinguishes.

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