During water cycle in nature when seawater containing a lot of dissolved solid chemicals is converted into pure water, then water goes through

  1. Physical changes only
  2. Chemical changes only
  3. Both physical and chemical changes
  4. No changes at all



The correct answer is (a) - Physical changes only


Q2 When rain water is made to percolate into the ground more efficiently by constructing percolation pits, it is called

  1. Rainwater replenishing
  2. Groundwater replenishing
  3. Rainwater harvesting
  4. Rainwater collecting



The correct answer is (c) - Rainwater harvesting


Q3 Which of the following is the most impure form of water?

  1. Pond water
  2. Lake water
  3. Sea water
  4. Ground water



The correct answer is (c) - Sea water.

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