Class 6
Chapter 10 Class 6 - Motion and Measurement of Distances


Most convenient unit to measure thickness of coin is:

  1. km
  2. m
  3. cm
  4. mm



(D) mm



The girth of tree can be measured by using

  1. Metre rod
  2. Metre scale
  3. Plastic ruler
  4. Measuring tape



(D) Measuring tape



Which of the following modes of transfer is not based on the invention of the wheel?

  1. Bus
  2. Boat
  3. Bicycle
  4. Bullock cart


(B) boat



March past of soldiers in a parade is an example of

  1. Rectilinear Motion
  2. Circular Motion
  3. Periodic Motion
  4. Rotational Motion



During a march past in a parade, soldiers move in a straight path.

Thus , it is an example of Rectilinear motion.

So, the correct answer is (A)

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