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What is the role of epidermis in plants?



Epidermis is the single layer of cells that form the outermost layer in plants

They are flat with outer and side walls are thicker than the inner wall

  • It is present all through the plant and protects the plant parts .

Since it has to protect, these cells do not have intercellular spaces .

  • The epidermal cells on the aerial surface (part facing outward) secrete a waxy, water-resistant layer .

This aids :

    • Protection against loss of water
    • Mechanical injury 
    • Invasion by parasitic fungi
  • The epidermis is thicker in dry areas to protect plants from water loss. They also have a layer of chemical substance called cutin which gives the plant waterproof quality .
  • Small pores called stomata aid in Exchange of gases and Transpiration.

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