Step-1: Shearing  

  • The fleece of the sheep along with a thin layer of skin is removed from its body .
  • This process is known as Shearing .
  • This process is usually done in the hot weather , as it enables the sheep to survive without their protective coat of hair.


Step-2 Scouring   

The sheared skin with hair is thoroughly washed in tanks to remove grease, dust and dirt . This is called scouring. Nowadays scouring is done by machines .


Step-3 Sorting

The process of separating the fleece of sheep into sections according to quality of woollen fibres such as fine, coarse , long, short is known as Sorting


Step-4 Dyeing

The natural fleece or hair of sheep is white, brown or black in colour.

The white woollen fibres obtained by sorting can be dyed in different colours.


Step-5 Combing

It is the method to prepare woollen fibres for spinning the wool.

It is done by using combs having metal teeth .

It straightens the woollen fibres and removes the small fluffy fibres (called Burrs ).


Step-6 Spinning

The long woollen fibres are spun or twisted into wool for sweaters.

Short fibres are spun and woven into woollen clothes(like shawls).

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