Class 6
Chapter 2 Class 6 - Components of Food

Tick (√) the statements that are correct.

(a) By eating rice alone, we can fulfill the nutritional requirement of our body. ( )

(b) Deficiency diseases can be prevented by eating a balanced diet. ( )

(c) Balanced diet for the body should contain a variety of food items. ( )

(d) Meat alone is sufficient to provide all nutrients to the body. ( )



(a)  False

Rice is a very rich source of starch (carbohydrates) but it lacks any other essential nutrients like fats and proteins. Therefore, it can not completely fulfill the nutritional requirements of our body.


(b) True

A Balanced diet has all the nutrients like Carbohydrates, Fat, Proteins, Vitamins and Minerals

This will help to prevent deficiency diseases.



Balanced diet should contain a variety of food items because all the nutrients cannot be present in one type of food


(d) False

Meat contains only proteins and Fats, so all the nutrients will not be provided only through meat.


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