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What is the need for a system of control and coordination in an organism?



  • The body of most organisms is very complex .
  • We have various organs and organ systems working together to regulate bodily processes and our actions.
  • These processes need to be controlled and coordinated to ensure proper functioning and survival of the organism.
  • If we take the example of human beings;  Specialized tissues are used for control and coordination. These tissues are nervous tissues and muscular tissues.


  • The voluntary and involuntary actions are controlled by the transmission of signals through neurons which make up nerves in the nervous system.
  • The glands in the endocrine system produce and secrete chemical compounds called hormones that help in the overall growth and development of the body.

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Environmental stimulus Action or response Nervous System (Associated with nerves) Endocrine System (Associated with hormones) Eg. Coordination while walking Eg. Body preparing to react to a stressful situation

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