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From the function calls given below for a function defined as def fun(p,t,r=7, c=8): determine which is valid and which one is invalid. Give reasons.

(i)fun(p=5, t=2)

(ii)fun(c=2, r=7)

(iii)fun (80,p=7,r=2)



  • (i) fun(p=5, t=2) - This function call is valid as the arguments are mentioned as keyword arguments and the 2 arguments that are not mentioned are default arguments.
  • (ii) fun(c=2, r=7) - This function call is invalid as the required argument ‘p’ is not specified.
  • (iii) fun (80,p=7,r=2) - This function call is invalid as 2 values are specified for argument ‘p’.


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