Computer Science - Class 12
Chapter 10 - Computer Networks

Software Development Company has set up its new center at Raipur for its office and web based activities. It has 4 blocks of building named Block A, Block B, Block C, Block D.

Number of Computers

Block A 25
Block B 50
Block C 125
Block D 10

Shortest distances between various Blocks in meters:

Block A to Block B 60
Block B to Block C 40
Block C to Block A 30
Block D to Block C 50


Question 2(i)

Name the most suitable block where the server should be installed.



The server should be installed in the block with the maximum number of computers.


Since, Block C has the maximum number of computers.

So, the server should be installed in Block C.


Question 2(ii)

Suggest the type of network to connect all the blocks with suitable reason.



  • LAN - It covers a geographical area that ranges from a single room to a floor, an office having one or more buildings in the same premise, laboratory, a school, college, or university campus.
  • MAN - It covers a larger geographical area like a city or a town.
  • WAN - It is a network that spans over a large geographical area, often a country or a continent.


Since all the blocks are situated in the same office premise , a LAN will be used to connect all the blocks.


Question 2(iii)

The company is planning to link all the blocks through secure and high-speed wired medium. Suggest a way to connect all the blocks.




To link all the blocks through a secure and high-speed wired medium, star topology should be used.


We use Star topology to connect all the blocks. Block C acts as the central node and all the other blocks are connected to it.

Question 2(iv)

Suggest the most suitable wired medium for efficiently connecting each computer installed in every block out of the following network cables:

• Coaxial Cable

• Ethernet Cable

• Single Pair Telephone Cable.




Connecting each computer installed in every block forms a local Area Network(LAN).


Checking the options

  • Coaxial Cable -  Low speed
  • Ethernet Cable - High speed and most suitable for connecting devices in a LAN
  • Single Pair Telephone Cable - It is not an actual cable.  



So, the most suitable wired medium for  efficiently connecting each computer installed  in every block will be Ethernet cable. 


Question 2(v)

What is the use of Ethernet cable?




Ethernet cable is a wired transmission medium used to provide an internet connection and to connect devices to a local network.

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