Computer Science - Class 12
Chapter 10 - Computer Networks

ABC is professional consultancy company. The company is planning to set up their new offices in India with its hub at Bengaluru. As a network adviser, you have to understand their requirement and suggest them the best available solutions. Their queries are mentioned as (i) to (v) below: Physical Locations of the blocks of ABC.

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Block to Block distances (int Mtr):

Block (From) Block (To) Distance
Human Resurce Conference 110
Human Resource Finance 40
Conference Finance 80

Expected Number of computers to be installed in each block:

Block Computers
Human Resource 25
Finance 120
Conference 90


Question 1(i)

What will be the most appropriate block, where ABC should plan to install their server?




The server should be installed in the block with the highest number of computers.


Since, the finance block has the highest number of computers. 

So, the server should be installed in the Finance block.


Question 1(ii)

Draw a block diagram showing cable layout to connect all the buildings in the most appropriate manner for efficient communication.




Question 1(iii)

What will be the best possible connectivity out of the following, you will suggest to connect the new setup of offices in Chennai with its London based office.

• Satellite link

• Infrared

• Ethernet cable




Checking the options

  • Satellite link - Best suitable for very long distance communication
  • Infrared - Best suitable for short distance communication  
  • Ethernet cable - Best suitable for short distance communication  


Since communication between offices in Chennai and London is a very long distance communication, Satellite Link is the best suitable.


Question 1(iv)

Which of the following device will be suggested by you to connect each computer in each of the buildings?

• Switch

• Modem

• Gateway




Checking the options

  • Switch - It is used to connect multiple computers or communicating devices.
  • Modem - It is a device used for conversion between analog signals and digital bits.
  • Gateway -  It is a key access point that acts as a “gate” between an organisation's network and the outside world of the Internet.


So, a switch will be used to connect each computer in each of the buildings.


Question 1(v)

The company is planning to link its blocks situated in various part of the same city. Which type of network out of LAN, WAN, MAN will be formed? Justify.




Checking the options

  • LAN - It covers a geographical area that ranges from a single room to a floor, an office having one or more buildings in the same premise, laboratory, a school, college, or university campus.
  • MAN - It covers a larger geographical area like a city or a town.
  • WAN - It is a network that spans over a large geographical area, often a country or a continent.


So, a MAN(Metropolitan Area Network) is formed by linking blocks situated in various parts of the same city.

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