In recent times the Indian Economy has experienced the problem of Casualisation of the workforce. This problem has only been aggravated by the outbreak of COVID-19.

Do you agree with the given statement? Discuss any two disadvantages of casualisation of the workforce in the light of the above statement.

(2 Marks)


The given statement is quite appropriate with reference to the ‘casualisation of labour’ in

                i) For casual workers, the rights of the labour are not properly protected by labour laws. Particularly, during pandemic                       times, as demand for goods and services fell the casual workers were left jobless, without any compensation or

                ii) During the COVID-19 lockdown millions of casual workers lost their jobs, raising the question of their survival. Also,                        additional health expenditure added to their troubles. Had such workers been working under the formal sector, it                            would have given them some respite in their difficult times.

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