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Study the following information and compare the Economies of India and Singapore on the grounds of ‘Investment in infrastructure as a percentage of GDP’


(3 Marks)


‘Investment in Infrastructure as a percentage of GDP’ is that proportion of Gross Domestic Product that the government is investing in infrastructure in order to build it.

India is spending 30% of its GDP on infrastructure compared to the 28% by Singapore, so it is almost same.

However, if we compare the other parameters mentioned here we can see

Singapore has higher number of people using safely managed Drinking water sources (100%), sanitation services(100%).

In comparison, India has 94% using drinking water sources and just 40% using sanitation services


It is also ahead in terms of mobile subscribers (146/100) and consumes a mere 10% of India's energy (88 ml T)

In comparison, India has 87/100 mobile subscribers and it consumer 809 ml Tonnes of energy


So, we can conclude although the percentage of GDP spent by India and Singapore are almost same

Singapore is way ahead in terms of infrastructural development

So, India needs to increase the percentage of GDP spent on investment in infrastructure.

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