‘Investment in infrastructure contributes to the economic development of a country.’ 

Justify the given statement with a valid argument.

(2 Marks)


Infrastructure development contributes to the economic development as:

1) Infrastructure is the support system of Modern Industrial Economy

It provides Roads, Ports, Airports, bridges and the energy required in industrial production

2) Infrastructure provides assistance in Agriculture

It helps in transporting seeds, pesticides, fertilizers as well as finished goods.

3) Improves Quality of Life

Good Sanitation and Education helps in improving quality of life of people

Also good communication facilities like internet, post and telegraph help people to contact with each other

4) Reduces Morbidity

Morbidity means proneness to fall ill

Clean Drinking Water and Good medical facilities help in preventing many diseases


As, Infrastructure contributes in the following ways by improving quality of lives and improving production economic development is automatically achieved


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