Class 10
Chapter 3 Class 10 - Metals and Non-Metals

Assertion (A): While the extraction of copper, one  of the steps involved is  Cu 2 S + 2Cu 2 O 6Cu + SO 2

Reason (R) : In this reaction Cu 2 S is the reducing  agent whereas Cu 2 O is the oxidising agent.  



An oxidising agent is the compound that gets reduced.

  • gains electrons
  • gains hydrogen 
  • or loses oxygen


A reducing agent is a compound that gets oxidised

  • loses electrons
  • loses hydrogen 
  • or gains oxygen. 

In the given equation, 

Redox reaction to produce Copper metal - Teachoo.png

Sulphur gets oxidised by gaining oxygen, while Cu loses oxygen. 

Hence, Sulphur is the reducing agents and copper is the oxidising agent.



  • The Assertion is True.
  • Reason is also False.

So, the correct answer is (c)   

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