Class 10
Chapter 2 Class 10 - Acids, Bases and Salts

Identify the basic salt from the following salts:  

(a) Na 2 CO 3  

(b) NH 4 Cl  

(c) NaNO 3  

(d) KCl  



Salts can also be acid basic and neutral

Salts - Acid, base and neutral-Teachoo.jpg


  1. Na 2 CO 3 : It is made up of a strong base (NaOH- sodium hydroxide)  and weak acid (H 2 CO 3 - carbonic acid). Hence, it is a basic salt .
  2. NH 4 Cl : It is made up of a weak base (NH 4 OH- ammonium hydroxide) and strong acid (HCl - hydrochloric acid). Hence, it is acidic in nature.
  3. NaNO 3 : It is made up of a strong acid (HNO 3 - nitric acid) and strong base (NaOH - sodium hydroxide) so it is neutral in nature.
  4. KCl : it is also made up of strong acid (HCl- hydrochloric acid) and strong base (KOH - potassium hydroxide) and hence is neutral in nature.


So, the correct option is (a) Na 2 CO 3

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