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The reaction between MnO 2 with HCl is depicted in the following diagram. It was observed that a gas with bleaching abilities was released.

Reaction between MnO2 and HCl - Teachoo.jpg

2.1 The chemical reaction between MnO 2 and HCl is an example of: 

a) displacement reaction 

b) combination reaction 

c) redox reaction 

d) decomposition reaction



(c) redox reaction 

MnO 2 gets reduced to MnCl 2 as it loses Oxygen

HCl gets oxidised to H 2 O


2.2 Chlorine gas reacts with _______ to form bleaching powder. 

a) dry Ca(OH) 2  

b) dil. solution of Ca(OH) 2  

c) conc. solution of Ca(OH) 2  

d) dry CaO 



(a) dry Ca(OH) 2  

Reaction to Form Bleaching Powder - Teachoo.jpg


2.3 Identify the correct statement from the following: 

a) MnO 2 is getting reduced whereas HCl is getting oxidized 

b) MnO 2 is getting oxidized whereas HCl is getting reduced. 

c) MnO 2 and HCl both are getting reduced. 

d) MnO 2 and HCl both are getting oxidized.



(a) MnO 2 is getting reduced whereas HCl is getting oxidized

Reaction of MnO2 with aqueous HCl-01 - Teachoo.jpg

2.4 In the above discussed reaction, what is the nature of MnO 2

a) Acidic oxide 

b) Basic oxide 

c) Neutral oxide 

d) Amphoteric oxide 




(b) Basic oxide 

Manganese is a metal

Metal oxides are basic oxides


2.5 What will happen if we take dry HCl gas instead of aqueous solution of HCl? 

a) Reaction will occur faster. 

b) Reaction will not occur. 

c) Reaction rate will be slow 

d) Reaction rate will remain the same.  


(b) Reaction will not occur

Reaction of MnO2 with Aqueous and Dry HCl-01 - Teachoo.jpg

Dry HCl will not dissociate to produce H + ions thus reaction will not occur

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