Define asexual reproduction. Describe two methods of asexual reproduction in animals.



Reproduction of new organisms from a single parent , without the involvement of sex cells is called asexual reproduction

The offsprings produced are exact copies of their parents.

Examples - Amoeba,Hydra

Different Methods of Asexual Reproduction


Binary Fission

In Binary Fission,organism reproduces by dividing itself into 2 parts


Amoeba splits itself to form new amoeba


  1. A fully grown amoeba is a cell which has nucleus and cytoplasm
  2. Nucleus splits to form 2 nucleus
  3. Cytoplasm also divides
  4. 2 small amoeba formed


Image - fig 16 of lakhmir singh



It is a kind of asexual reproduction in which different buds or bulges develop into new organisms



Hydra uses budding to reproduce


  1. A bulge or bud develops on side of hydra
  2. Slowly it develops into new hydra
  3. This new hydra separates from the parent hydra to form new hydra

Image - hydra image, fig 17 lakhmir singh and fig 9.11 ncert combination


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